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How to avoid overpayments during an office move

How to avoid overpayments during an office move

Well, finally, the moment has come when the size of the office space no longer meets the current needs of your enterprise. What’s next for you? The search for a more suitable premises, a change in the usual environment, and most importantly – an office move with all its “joys and sorrows”. Sorrows include hidden overpayments that can be encountered by unwisely choosing a company that provides moving services.

How to find a company that offers the best value for money. After all, professionalism today is at a high price, and entrusting your property to random people means demonstrating the “top” of your own indiscretion.

Just a few years ago, managers at any level did not even have a question – who to entrust the transportation of office equipment and property. The choice was limited and was limited to loaders hired “on the occasion”; owners of private trucks; or to the “gray” teams that transport furniture. At the same time, most of the concerns fell on the shoulders of the clients, the payment agreement was drawn up exclusively in words, and the care for the transported property was appropriate.

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In general, a similar way of office moving is available to you today. By the way, some managers, trying to save money in this way, entrust their property to “gray” carriers. But the savings in this case is very doubtful, and we are ready to explain to you why.

Firstly, in such cases, no one will warn you about unforeseen expenses that arise during the move. And these costs can be many. What happens if you refuse to pay them? We think it’s not hard to guess. You risk that your things will simply remain on the street, because no one is responsible for them. Of course, you will not allow this, which will entail additional costs.
Secondly, when moving an office, you cannot do without high-quality packing materials. If you turn to non-professional carriers, the cost of packaging you can result in a pretty “round” amount.
Thirdly, having received money for transportation, random executors of your order will never be engaged in organizing jobs that they do not need, connecting office equipment and cleaning the premises. Conclusion: you will have to do all these works “on your own”, or again pay money.

And there are many such moments during an office move. The movers will have to pay extra for each floor of the lifted furniture, for their downtime as a result of improper organization of the move, and so on …