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How to pack a fur coat for transportation?

How to pack a fur coat for transportation?

A natural fur coat is a thing that needs special care and handling. This applies not only to socks and storage, but also to transportation with movers and packers boston ma. The correct attitude during this period will help maintain a presentable and neat appearance of the product.

Before a long journey, it is worth doing preliminary preparation. Carefully inspect the fur coat, if there are visible dirt on it, it is advisable to clean them. To do this, you can contact the services of a dry cleaner. Now you can proceed directly to preparing the fur coat for the trip.

Three taboos when transporting a fur coat
It is strictly forbidden to crumple the product in several layers. In most cases, this is fraught with the fact that the fur will take an irregular shape.
You should not put a fur coat along with other things, especially if they are not the first freshness. Most likely, such actions will lead to the fact that odors will penetrate into the fur.
If possible, do not put an item in your luggage. But if this cannot be avoided, upon arrival, immediately remove the product and hang it up so that the folds straighten out.
According to the rules of road transport, there is no separate place for storing clothes made of natural fur. However, minimizing risks, or rather, reducing them to zero, is real. Consider examples of possible situations and options for action in such cases.

How to safely transport a natural fur coat over a long distance
Going on a long journey with a natural fur coat, you should keep in mind that such a product is afraid of moisture, dirt, direct sunlight. If transportation is supposed to be in luggage, choose the right cover. It should provide maximum protection against adverse factors. Today, many stores selling high-quality fur products offer special covers in the kit. They are also available to order.

Adverse factors can wait everywhere – both on an airplane, and on a train or other transport. Special covers provide maximum protection of the fur coat during storage and transportation. They protect against moths, direct sunlight, dust and dirt. Such products have an appropriate shape, are made from breathable material.

Transportation of a fur coat on a train
The best option for such a move is a coupe. If possible, you should hang the product on special hangers, but only if you are sure of the honesty of your fellow travelers. Otherwise, things will have to lie in luggage until arrival. Be sure to use a special cover, and when you arrive at your destination, hang the fur coat in a cool place and leave it until leveled.

Transportation of a fur coat on an airplane
Carrying a fur coat with you on an airplane is not a good idea. There is no provision for carrying bulky items in the aircraft cabin. At the very least, it’s inconvenient. In this case, the fur coat will have to move along with other things in the luggage. You should not hope that the airline staff will carefully treat your things, it is better to take care of its safety yourself. Preliminary carefully put it together with a cover in a suitcase.

For reference! If, for any reason, water gets on the fur coat and it gets wet, it is worthwhile to competently carry out the drying process. Do not dry with a hair dryer, on a radiator or similar. Leave the product at room temperature, let it be an example of its former appearance in natural conditions. If the thing is not clean water, but some other liquid with an unpleasant odor, contact a dry cleaner for services. Employees will carry out professional cleaning and return the fur coat to its original appearance.

Cover – for all occasions
No matter how hard you try to ensure careful storage and transportation, a case will still be the best assistant in this matter. It is produced taking into account factors that can spoil the quality of a product made of natural fur. First of all, the cover provides protection from moths, as well as from such an enemy as harmful as dust. It creates the necessary microclimate inside, allows air to pass through, and prevents the formation of blockage of compressed air inside.

An innovation is special refrigerators for fur coats, but they take up a lot of space and are used mainly by entrepreneurs. Such blocks maintain the optimal container temperature for storing a fur coat – 2-6 ° C.

Always remember that natural fur is a raw material that needs careful and proper care. Industrial companies are taking this issue seriously. For the transportation of products made of natural fur, they use special designs in compliance with the temperature regime inside. At the same time, each unit of raw materials is protected by a waterproof breathable cover.

Exquisite things in a woman’s wardrobe need careful treatment and proper care and storage. A natural fur coat is not a cheap product that is bought for years. Proper transportation will help maintain the quality and appearance of the item made of natural fur.