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Minimizing risks during an office move

Minimizing risks during an office move

During an office move, it is very often necessary to transport goods that, by definition, require special attention and protection. Even if we do not take into account enterprises that transport large sums of money every day, there will always be organizations that have expensive equipment, important documents and valuables. And oddly enough, they are willing to pay good money for their safety during transportation.

Stop “playing spillikins” Armed guards are the most serious measure capable of securing 99% of the most valuable items during transportation. Only in our city, several dozens of companies professionally accompany office transportation, simultaneously providing armed security services. Such enterprises include private security companies, private security agencies, security services of private enterprises, collection departments. All these organizations are able to guarantee security when transporting valuables, secret documents, dangerous goods, expensive medical preparations, etc.

Easy security
Moving companies, providing a serious approach to the safety of things, offer several ways to protect valuables and important documents. Depending on how “reverent” the client is about security, the property can be insured through a third-party insurance company, or all conditions can be specified in the contract that regulates the relationship between the moving company and its client. In the second case, the cargo can be simply sealed, but not insured. Depending on the degree to which the risk is assessed, the client chooses the most convenient way for him to ensure the safety of his property.

Some banks involved in the transportation of important documents, while specializing in the delivery of valuable goods, also guarantee their customers compensation in case of unforeseen losses. But, as a rule, compensation in this case does not exceed the amount of damage (in contrast to those cases when the property is insured). By contacting a company that specializes in the transportation of important goods at the time of an office move, you will provide yourself with undeniable advantages. After all, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the company will inevitably bear financial responsibility to its client, and the benefit will certainly be on the side of the client.