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Moving without “surprises” is very simple

Moving without “surprises” is very simple

Countless rituals are associated with the move. All of them can be directly related to the move in any of its manifestations: under the mythical influence of the lunar calendar, or under the nightmarish scandal as a result of spilled salt, both a banal apartment and office move can fall. But if we talk seriously: any sign at its core can have real and quite explainable facts.

For example, this is what the sign that came to the field of moving from Feng Shui tells us about: in no case should a pregnant woman participate in the move. Let’s reason logically, discarding mystical omens and come to the conclusion: in fact it is impossible! After all, what is relocation? – Nerves, fuss, any inaccurate movement and the consequences for the expectant mother, it is better not to even think about it. As you can see, no intervention of otherworldly forces is needed in order to receive the inevitable harm as a result of an improperly organized office move.

For people prone to prejudice, the question may arise: – what can happen if, according to the horoscope, you choose the perfect day for moving and perform the necessary witchcraft rites? Our answer: anything. Especially if you turn to the services of an unprofessional company. The experience of independent organization of moving, often in addition to disappointment, gives rise to completely curious cases. For example, when things packed in a car disappear forever along with movers and a randomly hired car. It happened that irresponsible loaders, not in the mood to fulfill their duties, simply left the place of their “coven”, leaving customers at a loss and with new, unexpected problems.

An invariable attribute of our services is the conclusion of a comprehensive contract for the fulfillment of the assigned tasks. It is the contract that is your main guarantee that all things will be transported intact and exactly on time. We carry a full guarantee for the safety of your property.