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Why can the move fail or let the carrier down?

Why can the move fail or let the carrier down?

The carrier didn’t show up. How to identify unreliable performers as opposed to https://www.flashmoving.net/long-distance-movers/?

Sometimes you just have time to be glad that you found a private trader who is ready to carry out cargo transportation cheaply, but he let you down. He didn’t come, didn’t call, answered the call with irritation, saying that the wheel had been punctured. Or didn’t answer at all. Shipping cheap is not a reliable option. You can save a couple of thousand dollars, or you can disrupt the move. Wasted time and nerves can not be returned.

Blurred motion of contemporary worker with packed box walking to new office while delivering it to client

Who gives cheap ads?

Private traders who place ads on popular sites are guys from the regions. They have a hat. They try to collect as many orders as possible so as not to be idle. And they don’t care at all to warn their customers that they don’t have time or found a better order, or even got tired and left home. They don’t care about reputation. They arrived, quickly did their business and left.

These guys have a very unpredictable working day, and you have no responsibility. Therefore, the planned move to another apartment may not take place at all. The performer will simply ignore you.